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Pstttt, you're beautiful.

❝ You sacrificed yourself for me? ❞
                               ❝ I love you ❞


❝ You sacrificed yourself for me? 

                               ❝ I love you 

I'm so gutted that looking for Alaska wont be made into a film! Why is that not happening?



It may! I don’t own the film rights to Looking for Alaska (Paramount bought the rights in 2005 and will own them forever), so it’s not my decision whether to make a film—or what kind of film to make. 

In general, authors have very little say about such things. I didn’t do anything to make the TFIOS movie happen (or to make it good); I just got lucky. It’s not my movie. It’s Josh’s movie. There’s nothing I can do to force Paramount to make Looking for Alaska. And if they make it I’ll have very little control over whether it ends up being good.

Then again, one could argue—as movie studios have been arguing for decades—that movies don’t necessarily get better when authors have a lot of creative input, because authors may not know much about movies or how to make them good. I certainly don’t!